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The Research Centre CSTI announces the publication of its Georgian Cities website


It contains chapters on the three most significant cities of the Georgian era  ‘Edinburgh’ –  ‘Bath’ –  ‘London’ – presented under topics such as ‘Architecture’ or ‘Society’ or ‘Culture’; it also has a chapter ‘Urban Growth’ on the development of trading or industrial towns.

The website went live in late 2014 to mark the Georgian tercentenary.

See description on page ‘Georgian Cities’ website in section ‘Travaux/Productions’

Image ©CSTI : homepage animation of Georgian Cities with opening fan; here it reveals the Royal Crescent in Bath, studied in one of the sections of the website.


L’équipe CSTI annonce la publication de son site Georgian Cities


Il comprend des chapitres sur les trois villes britanniques les plus caractéristiques de l’époque « Edinburgh » –  « Bath » –  « London »  –  traitées sous plusieurs aspects comme «Architecture » ou « Society » ou « Culture », ainsi que la section « Urban Growth » sur le développement des villes commerciales ou industrielles.

Sa publication fin 2014 a marqué le tricentenaire ‘georgien’ (accession au trône de Grande-Bretagne des rois nommés George en 1714).

Voir un descriptif sur la page ‘Georgian Cities website’ de la section ‘Travaux – Productions’

Image ©CSTI : animation d’accueil de Georgian Cities avec ouverture d’un éventail ; ici il fait apparaître le Royal Crescent de Bath, objet de l’une des sections du site.


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  1. The website’s way of dealing with Georgian culture is very complete and provides us with a large insight into several different aspects of cultural life at the time. In addition to the images and maps, the numerous links between the pages make people want to discover more about the cities, since it enables the visitors to jump from one city to another.
    I particularly like the links with literature and with well-known authors, because it establishes a link between the authors and the cultural background they lived in, which increases my desire to know more about life in the cities at their time.

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